Social Mobility

by The Don Profa C


  • The Don Profa C in his solo debut




The Don Profa C debut solo project:
Social Mobility


released May 7, 2014

The Don Profa C debut solo project:
Social Mobility

cover art: Roland Herman Frohman III



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The Don Profa C Detroit, Michigan

Rapping by way of Detroit, MI.

Standing at 6 foot, high af, with hella bars:

The Don Profa C

The gift of prophecy besets the tyranny of evil men on all sides...

May the universe shine upon us and be gracious to you,

for The Don Profa C hath spit the hot fire
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Track Name: Flyer Than Thou [prod. ICDMAW]
Flyer Than Thou, on the prowl, I got a lion's style, King of the pride, got my family feelin' proud, 'Cuz I came up from humble, humble, humble beginnings, Homie it ain't what you got on, it's the way you look in it, Gettin' into the biggest institutions of higher learning, sour I was burnin', Brainstormin' bigger 'n better business wit the homies that i'm cool wit, I got a B.A. not a B.S. that mean I'm not wit that bullshit. Jordans on my feet, I think they help me get higher, elevatin', Sativa make me salivate and inspires, me to get flyer, Flyer Than Thou, in da cut blazin' indica up, and pass it around

Flyyy, Fly, Flyer Than Thou, Flyyy, Fly, Flyer Than Thou, Flyyy, Fly, Flyer Than Thou, How u gon' act (quiet and so cool) like you all Flyer Than Thou?

I don't wear sports teams if they ain't from Motown, Fuck if they match my outfit, but I might make an exception if they logo fly enough, sellin' lesbians on the idea of tryin' stuff, 'cuz I figure that they (Buy/"Bi-") enough. Just calm down and put yo lighters up, come 'n smoke that fire wit us, and its gon' take way more than some gear for them to get as fly as us. I got my head in the clouds, but my feet on the ground, so I guess I'm standin' tall ready to ball on these clowns, I'm a high level wizard, John Wall on these clowns, I mean... I been the man over here, word's just gettin' over there, the rest of the league best prepare.

Behold, ye doubters,
Be amazed & disappear,
For I am doing a work
In your time, a work,
That you would never
Believe, even if someone
Told you.
Track Name: 2nd Quarter
Smoke a quarter to this ... Detroit City Boss Music ... Let me show you how to close out a quarter ... you know sometimes, a player just come out of nowhere and just drop like 24 points in one quarter, or dominate for the whole quarter long or something, take the game over ... that's what Imma do. Cuz the half time com in' up , but first you gotta get through the second quarter...

I need a translator on my transmission, 'cuz ya boy ridin' foreign. I got a foreign bitch in my foreign whip, and she telling me to floor it.
Hold up bitch , where yo car at? , let me dog yo shit, I ain't goin' out like Eric Foreman, off that 70's show, I appear at the party pull 70 hoes and blow heavenly smoke BBV taught me do not trust these hoes, Don Profa C and its murder she wrote. These bitches ain't blown' kisses, these bitches poison blown' poison darts. Smokin' weed is an art, I can paint Picassos in the dark. I'm tokin' bud in the smoker's club, that's a country club called the smoker's club, and we smoking' weed and we getting' high, playin' golf, to high to play basketball. Four, and I'm ballin' on these hoes, grindin' 'n I'm showin' up shinin' at the shows. Used to be broke, now I'm pourin' out the Rose' callin' it the rose, so these hoes think they getting' a rose, so these hoes think they getting' chose, but these hoes just gettin' froze, 'cuz these Detroit city winter's cold. Winter coat, I don't got a mink, I got 3 or 4 layers, i don't need to go to the store, i got like 32 papers. Detroit city flavor. Are you a player or are you a hater? The Don Profa C , they should write me in for the mayor. This life that i'm livin' it ain't no bullshittin' , I'm livin' that life of a young ass player, dope ass ill rhyme sayer, i'm grindin' all the fuckin' time, Smokin' kush like Eckrich smoke a sausage, tell a bitch to smoke my sausage, and no we can't go out for crawfish. Tryna be rollin' in an old school, sittin' on low pros, blown' smoke out my nose like the Chicago Bulls logo. You chasin' after that pussy cat runnin' fast as Barry. I got that cat chasin' after me like my name was Jerry. So hungry when I'm eaten' cereal, I'm devouring the spoon. White girls wit a round booty, got me howlin' at the moon. 'N my dollars comin' soon, so I'm countin' up my dollars, 'cuz all my dollars count. I want a verse of them zips, 'cuz 16 oz is a pound. And I blow that shit down, and I like to pass it all around. A true king serves his people, and i like to fashion my hat as a crown. Papalcy robes adorned on Profa C, preachin' to the people in Vatican city... Nope, i'm not the Pope, I'm on Joy Road hittin' a blunt until it's a roach. I'm just a genius in the D and just as free as I can be. You'd see the beauty in the D if you could see what I can see, but it's a beauty in a beast , 'cuz a human is a beast. A police is a human, a shooter eaten' off the streets is a human, and they both gotta eat, so what's the difference between 'em 'cuz they both got the heat. Ponder that... Don't worry I always got a zip, I never trip, I'm never stressin', holdin' wake 'n bake sessions while a bad bitch cook me breakfast, and just like ventriloquists I always got my hand up a dress, and if i listened to you bitches, well that just wouldn't make sense, 'cuz I'm a (leader/liter) like 33.814 U.S. fluid ounces . I got a joint in both hands, that's a J on either side of me, that's a pair of L's parallel to me

-The Don

S/O Detroit Ink
S/O Aeroplane Records
S/O AceMyth
S/O whoever remade this beat
S/O Big Sean man, I fucks wit that 1st Quarter shit
Smoke a quarter to this , 2nd Quarter
S/O muthafuckin' Key Wayne & Travis Scott for that bangin' ass production

The Don Profa C
, Peace
Track Name: Cheatin'
My lady mad at me, 'cuz she call my phone, 3 times in a row and get the dial tone. She think I'm creepin', I'm on grind mode, I'm cheat in' on her with the paper.

Gettin' money is financial freedom, so i'm cheatin' on my lady, with lady liberty. They say nothin' in this world is free, well I'm out this world, 'cuz i'm completely free... Cheatin' on her with the Paper.

Sittin' on a porch, plottin' to be sitting' in a Porsche. I gotta make it of course, 'cuz my flow's hotter than the porridge, that Goldilocks wouldn't eat. Yea I came up in the streets, but I came up in the books. Yea I came up 'round thieves, but I never came up to be a crook. I'm a product of the hood, but if your environment shapes you , more than you shape your environment, than thats not a good look. I'm a pro and you a rookie getting' cookied , gettin' Miked. You don't really want the ball, you just want the limelight. Everybody shine bright in they loved ones eyes , but even those who despise me gotta recognize me 'cuz I'm known to come and rock a mic like Nos be, and I ain't talkin' bout Nas from Queens Bridge , i'm talkin' nitrous oxide , 'cuz my flow's faster than a bi- bitch wit five kids, by five different guys. i'm goin' to five guys n fries 'cuz the kush got me munchitized and i'm on the grind, 'til I got everything ...
Track Name: Big Shot
It's Time ...
it's Time, It's My Time
Time 2 Go 2 Work

I Got Them Racks
I'm Tryna Get Them Millions
My grandma told me be a Big Shot
Chauncey Billups ...

Ask Them Haters How it Feel
How it Feel
See Me on the Red Carpet wit
Sharon Leal....

I got a U of M Degree 'n all my friends got felonies, I'm finna be the man, thats what my conscious keep on tellin' me, steadily stacking' up paper, roll up hella trees, Pac got y'all rocking' Versace, he just got me drinkin' Hennessy , Heresy accurately describes the speech of my enemies, Hatin' on me 'cuz they noticed I got holy tendencies, positivity and Profa C , dat go hand 'n hand , I am , absolutely, positively, The Man, Been a Blue Collar Worker, but its Blue Blood runnin' in my veins, Royalty, Loyalty 2 my team , 'n we blown' potent weed, faithfully, man I'm ballin' like young Kobe, homie, come 'n see, Profa C, its The Don Profa C, and I do it for my people from the D to the middle East, Puffin' on my Peace Pipe steady screaming' Peace, and it's loud in my pipe, so they tell me pipe down, but I tell 'em that i cain't 'cuz the people love my sound, man the people need my sound, this the rebirth of Motown, revitalization of my hometown, young homie but I'm grown now, 'n it took some time fsho, go to Ann Arbor get mo' than I bargained fo', bad ass white girl in a short dress in the winter time girl ain't you cold?, 'n they got nothin' but the loud, 'n I know where to go , just to get it for the low...

Track Name: Big A$$ Chain
Rappin' , getting' paid that's talking' cash shit, Yo girl wanna get wit me, that's a bad bitch, you need to ground that girl, looking' for love in all the wrong places homie, where you found that girl? 'Cuz bad bitches causin' fights , man them hoes strays, Detroit City's dark nights and cold days, I done seen mo' dark (nights/knights) than Bruce Wayne, And these hoes be nice over the loose change, They try to spend the night over the ice, give you a blow j over a gold chain, Man them bitches ain't raised , dog them hoes trained, but it's a dirty game, its the capitalism gettin' into they system turnin' they brains into molded clay, 'n young homies hold them things 'n they let 'em spray, thinkin' that it's gon bring 'em to a better day, but only thing it's gon bring 'em is an early grave. I tell 'em homie start early, 'n then save, 'cuz slow 'n steady wins the race, save up, stack up, pick up the pace, ... and fuck you haters in the face !

Imma keep rappin' bout a Big Ass Chain 'til it make me enough to buy a Big Ass Chain ...

I'm just young and ambitious, gifted 'n convicted looking' for some rich kids I can link up wit 'n buy the Pistons, 'cuz when you the owner, homie, you ain't gotta buy tickets, court side watching' Drummond dunlin' on you bitches, 'n I ain't selfish, I ain't gotta be the sole owner, so long as me and my homies the majority share holders, 'n i suppose I should move the Palace to Joy Road, but some of my custos might be scared to go there tho. But Auburn Hills ain't all that great, side note: I went to the Palace 'n I saw this lake, and I pissed in it , now it's the (pissed in/Piston) Lake , get it?
So when you see me wit a Big Ass Chain , it's 'cuz I'm the owner homie wit a Pistons Chain